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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will my door fit?

Avon Woodworker works to your requirements. All door and window openings are different, be it on new or old houses. We endeavour to make the 'best fit' for your door or window needs.

  • Can I get other styles?

You will see from the 'Doors' page that we manufacture a variety of styles.
  • Can you make MY design?

We make a door or window to suit your needs and design.

Should we not be able to visit you in person to measure; design and measurement can be done via email, phone, post or fax.

  • How long will it take to make?

We generally allow 4 weeks for manufacture. During the peak summer months, it may be a little longer. We make every effort to accommodate your time restrictions.

  • Are you able to make wooden slider doors?

We have now been successful in providing a product which suits the needs of the customer. Each situation is different we invite your enquiry

  • Are there any window styles you cannot make?

Window screens fitted inside the room can cause issues related to other window dressings such as blinds and curtains. These and other issues such as architrave location should be taken into consideration when thinking about window screens.

  • Do you fit the doors as well as make them?

Avon Woodworker makes the 'best fit' door or window we can. Your local carpenter or handy man can assist you as necessary with the hanging of your doors and windows.

  • What type of wood do you use?

We manufacture doors and windows with either prime Jarrah or Tasmanian Oak. Wood is selected for maximum strength and balanced colour variation.

  • What is the finish you use?

Sikens HLS base coat is used which highlights the timber colour and Sikens Natural as a top coat provides UV protection.

You may wish to consider Painted Screen doors finished in UV weather protected acrylic.

  • How do we maintain our screen?

It is suggested that the coating on your doors and windows be reviewed annually. Using the same product, Sikens, is recommended.

With the delivery of your door, a note explaining the maintainence of your door is provided.



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